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Our Aim

Flippers aims to provide your child with the skills needed to survive in the water by providing a quality learning program that is administered in a friendly and safe environment.
Our lessons are based on the Aquasafe swimming program and, our instructors are trained in all aspects of the program. Each class comprises of four students to one instructor (except for squads and Parent & Toddler classes).



Parent & Toddler Classes


Our Parent & Toddler classes range from the ages of 4 months up to 2.5 years. In these classes our primary focus is to teach your child water confidence and water safety, in a fun and educational environment .

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Independent Classes 

Our independent classes start from the age of  2.5 years and are for all ages including adults. Upon booking in at Flippers your child will be placed into a class which best suits their ability and age. If you feel your child has swimming knowledge it is recommended you book in for a free assessment so your child can be placed in a class which best suits their ability. 



Our squads are for advanced swimmers who enjoy swimming and are looking for a further challenge. Students in squad will learn all racing aspects such as turns, starts and dives while also improving their fitness, strength and overall stroke knowledge. Our squads are perfect for students who wish to compete at a competitive level. 

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